Here’s How Apple May Reduce the Notch in the Upcoming iPhone 14 Series

Here’s How Apple May Reduce the Notch in the Upcoming iPhone 14 Series

According to an Apple patent, the business will use a light-folding infrared projector rather than a conventional one to reduce the size of the iPhone 14's notch.

A number of components that Apple refers to as the TrueDepth camera are housed in the controversial notch, a cutout at the top of the display on iPhone models with Face ID functionality.

They come with an infrared camera, a dot projector, and a flood illuminator in addition to the normal FaceTime front camera and Face ID components. Additionally, the iPhone's speaker, microphone, and two sensors that gauge ambient light and the distance between the phone and the user's ear are all housed in the notch.
Apple is rumored to adopt a new configuration of these parts for the iPhone 14 variants. A little circular cutout should be used to house the FaceTime camera adjacent to the notch. The notch will become smaller and take on a pill-like form.

In its "Light-Folded Projector" patent application, Apple describes a method for packing the same number of components into a significantly smaller area.

Utilizing a novel component that bends light is the key. Before it leaves the device, this light folding component folds the infrared light supplied by the infrared emitter one or more times.
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