Android 13 for Nothing Phone (1) Won't be Available Any Time Soon

Android 13 for Nothing Phone (1) Won't be Available Any Time Soon

Nothing generated as much buzz as the Phone 1, which was this year's first smartphone and debuted in July. The company's Glyph interface received plaudits for providing a nearly stock Android experience despite its bugs. Since the phone's debut, it has even fixed the lingering faults via numerous software updates. Expect disappointment if you were thinking Nothing will update the Phone 1 to Android 13 quickly as well.

On August 17, a user on Twitter questioned Nothing's CEO and founder Carl Pei about the Android 13 upgrade for the Phone 1. Pei gave a cryptic response, saying only that "A product is more than just its specs, features, and version numbers." The community did not like the comment, and Pei received criticism for his reaction. In an effort to make apologies, the business has confirmed in a statement to Android Authority that the Android 13 upgrade for the Phone 1 will be made available in the first half of 2023.

Android 13 for the Phone 1 is at least three months away, and that's unlikely to materialize even in the best-case scenario. The wait may last up to two years and six months. That takes a lot of time, which would not sit well with the current proprietors. This may also account for Pei's first vague response to the query. 

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