3 Great Cases for Nothing Phone (1) You Can Buy Now

3 Great Cases for Nothing Phone (1) You Can Buy Now

The radical design of the Nothing Phone (1), which attracted a lot of attention. The phone has a cool transparent back that is worth flaunting.

We've compiled a list of some of the top Nothing Phone (1) cases available right now. To secure your device, feel free to choose the one you prefer most.

1. Nothing Phone (1) Clear Case

This TPU case is for those who want a fully clear design. While some people are content with just a clear back, this case features a transparent polycarbonate back and sides for a complete clear look.

2. Nothing Phone (1) Full-Wrapped Case

This case offers superior protection compared to most clear cases. The edge bumpers fully encase the phone, providing a significant level of defense against drops. Additionally, the corners are reinforced, further enhancing the protection.

3. Shield Case for Nothing Phone (1)

The Colorful Shield Case for Phone 1 is designed to keep your phone secure and its buttons functional. With a precise fit and enough space around the ports, you can use your phone and accessories with ease. Choose from 5 vibrant colors.