Nothing Phone (2) Is Coming to the U.S. Later This Year

Nothing Phone (2) Is Coming to the U.S. Later This Year

Nothing, the company behind the light-up Nothing Phone (1), wants to expand their presence in the US market. The CEO, Carl Pei, spoke to Inverse and stated that the US is now their top market priority. The reason the first generation of the Nothing Phone failed in the US market was due to limited resources. However, the company has since built a team and a product lineup, and is now on a more solid footing to pursue its next phase of business. The CEO confirmed the development of a second-generation Phone, set to launch later in the year and be more premium than the previous model, but not as high-end as flagship phones like Samsung and Apple. The company has seen significant growth in overseas markets, with almost 10 times the revenue in 2022 compared to 2021. The first generation Phone was globally launched and became available in the US six months later, but buying the phone in the US was considered a beta test. The future of Nothing and its Glyph interface remains to be seen, as well as whether there is a market for a niche phone when other companies have slowed spending.


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