Nothing Phone 1 Received Stable Release for Nothing OS 1.5 (Android 13)

Nothing Phone 1 Received Stable Release for Nothing OS 1.5 (Android 13)

According to XDA-Developers, Nothing has begun to release its initial major OS upgrade for its first mobile device, the Phone 1, which is known for its blinking light feature.


The beta version of Nothing OS 1.5, based on Android 13, has been available for testing since late 2022, and beta testers on Reddit and Discord are now reporting the arrival of the stable version, Nothing OS 1.5.2. The beta release notes indicate a lengthy list of improvements, such as a weather app with Nothing's signature dot-matrix UI styling, as well as anticipated Android 13 updates, such as a QR code scanner in the quick settings menu and privacy enhancements for the photo picker.

However, Phone 1 owners are most likely eager for the improved app loading speeds, as Nothing claims that apps now open up to 50% faster. The company has staffed up its engineering team since the Phone 1's launch, shifting from an externally developed codebase to an in-house one to create a "smoother and more stable" system.

If you are a Phone 1 owner who is eager to try out the new updates but was not a part of the beta program, it appears that you will need to wait a little longer. Devices running the previous stable release do not seem to be included in this first wave of updates. Meanwhile, Android 14 beta testing is currently underway.

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