Nothing Ear (Stick) Full Review 2022

Nothing Ear (Stick) Full Review 2022


I unboxed Nothing's new product Nothing Ear (stick) today, and I will continue to update my experience in the future.

I realized the convenience of Google Fast Pair from the moment I opened the box. As soon as I turn on the charging box, I will immediately receive a pairing prompt on my phone. The experience is similar to the Apple ecosystem. The overall quality of the product is very good.

Nothing Ear (stick) is a semi-in-ear design this time, which is more suitable for indoor wear. The package comes with an instruction manual and a Type C to Type C transmission line. The first impression is very good when you open the box for the first time, and the follow-up will continue Update more usage experience details.

Nothing Eat (stick) uses a semi-in-ear design, which is more suitable for long-term wear than in-ear headphones, but the disadvantage is that the seal is not high, so it is only suitable for indoor wear, not for outdoor use , but thanks to the semi-in-ear design, you won’t feel uncomfortable even if you wear it for a long time. As far as my Pixel Buds a-series experience is concerned, it often happens that you feel uncomfortable in your ears after wearing it for more than half an hour, but This is not the case with Nothing Ear (stick), great for extended wear.

For the sound part, the official Nothing X app has presets that provide four sets of preset equalizer modes and a set of custom equalizers, allowing users to adjust the listening experience that suits them best. After actual use, personal I think the treble part is more three-dimensional than the Pixel Buds a-series at the same price, and it sounds more comfortable, without the dull feeling of the Pixel Buds a-series; but the bass part is slightly insufficient, in the official Nothing X app Setting the equalizer to boost the bass can improve the situation, but because of the semi-in-ear design, there will still be some loss of the bass, but the overall listening experience is quite good. Personally, I think the sound part is what a 3690-priced wireless headset should have. The standard is not particularly bad, and the custom equalizer also complements the short version of the semi-in-ear headphones.

Nothing Ear (stick) is equipped with Clear Voice call noise reduction technology. The official claims that it can filter up to more than 1 million kinds of noise and bring a clear call experience. After actual use, I personally think that Nothing Ear (stick) has an excellent call experience. It surpasses the level that this price should have. Even when talking on a very noisy roadside, the microphone can successfully filter most of the noise and restore the voice of the caller. However, it may be due to the relationship between the algorithm and the noise cancellation during the call. The effect is very good, but the sound will sound...unnatural, but the content is very clear, but occasionally a few words will be filtered out as noise, but the frequency of occurrence is very low, usually It is because the speech volume is too low that it is filtered out.

In terms of radio reception, Nothing Ear (stick) has three microphones. However, I have never purchased higher-priced wireless earphones, so I can’t compare the radio performance with other earphones. However, I think the radio performance is above-average. , Compared with the Pixel Buds a-series of the same price in my hand, the Nothing Ear (stick) radio performance is very good. When using the Pixel Buds a-series to radio, if you speak at a normal volume, the radio reception effect is very poor , it is necessary to increase the volume to successfully receive the complete sound, but the Nothing Ear (stick) can receive most of the human voice through the normal speaking volume, but it may be limited by the price (I am not sure about the high-end earphones. Will there be), the sound received has a kind of... the feeling of using a machine to listen to the sound, it is not very strange, but it does not sound natural, but the integrity is very high, maybe the wireless earphone The radio performance will be a bit unnatural.

Overall, I personally think that Nothing Ear (stick) performs very well in the call. The call noise reduction technology is really good, but the sound will sound a... unnatural feeling during the actual call, but this may be The compromises required to benefit from noise cancellation.

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