Nothing ear (1) STICK Showed Up In SIRIM Database

Nothing ear (1) STICK Showed Up In SIRIM Database

The SIRIM database shows the Nothing ear (1) STICK. This indicates a forthcoming announcement and launch, but beyond that, the precise timing is unknown.

The charging case appears to be the primary distinction between the STICK and the standard model. This more recent model has a slender rectangular design as opposed to the original model's shape, which was roughly square. This has some similarities to a USB stick, or thumb drive, if you prefer, which helps to explain the name. The idea behind the name is further supported by what appears to be a removable cap on the right side of the casing.

Aside from one significant variation, the Nothing ear (1) STICKs themselves resemble the model that came before in most respects. The other is that, based on the earlier leak, it appears to be devoid of discernible eartips. The STICK doesn't go all the way into your ear canal. At this time, it's unclear whether this is a rendering glitch or an indication of a design change.

The STICK clearly has a lot to live up to given our opinion on the original Nothing ear (1). If it does not have eartips and does have a unique design, this can be difficult. But in any case, it appears in the SIRIM database, so perhaps we won't have to wait long to learn the truth.

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